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          Inspection and Quality Assurance

          ??Stereoscopes with zoom

          ??Analytical equipment integrated into facility network for easy image & data capture, for documentation & transfer

          ??Nikon high resolution optical microscopes with video micrometers for computer assisted inspection of processed?surfaces and orifices (using proprietary in-house software)

          ??Nikon optical comparator for measuring two-dimensional contours of processed parts; featuring 20, 50, and 100X lenses, contour & surface illumination, and digital scales?

          ??Accugage Coordinate Measuring Microscope

          ??OGP (Optical Gauging Products) Coordinate Measuring Microscope?

          Design Consulting

          PhotoMachining's staff of scientists and engineers will assist you in integrating laser-based machining technology into your manufacturing process. We offer design consulting from concept through finished stages.?

          In addition, we offer courses and seminars throughout the year on the fundamentals of laser processing.