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          Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck

          Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck

          PhotoMachining is pleased to offer a porous vacuum chuck designed for use with thin films and other flat samples. The chuck has a pore size of less than 25 microns assuring uniform suction and strong holding power for?even the smallest parts.

          The chucks can be manufactured flat and parallel to better than 0.001" over the entire surface. Customer needs to supply only a vacuum pump or in house vacuum?with a 1/8" or 1/4" NPT fitting. Alternatively, Photomachining offers a vacuum pump with all tubing and fittings required for operation (see below).

          The units are less than 1.5" in height, and are all "lightweight."

          Common Sizes
          CVC-6-20: (in stock)
          6" Square vacuum surface with 20 micron pore size
          CVC-6-20-R: (in stock)
          6" Round vacuum surface with 20 micron pore size
          CVC-12-20: (in stock)
          12" vacuum surface with 20 micron pore size

          You can view a PDF drawing for the?6 inch square, ?6 inch round and 12 inch square.

          They weigh approximately 4.2 lbs and 17 lbs respectively.

          Custom chuck dimensions are available:
          6" < x < 12": (square or rectagular) $3000
          x < 6": (square or rectangular) $1500
          6" < x < 12": (round) $3300
          < 6": (round) $1700

          • Call for pricing on custom chucks over 12"
          • International Orders add $100 handling?fee
          • Unless marked "in stock", delivery time is eight weeks on all chucks
          • Custom chucks require a 50% deposit before starting the manufacturing process
          Video overview of the porous ceramic vacuum pump
          Some examples of custom chucks include:
          • Round
          • Rectangular
          • Multi-zone
          Cutom Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck 4' Square Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck
          Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck Porous Ceramic Vacuum Chuck
          ? ?


          Vacumm Pump, Part No. VVP-1.5

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          • Floor Stand Mounting
          • Single Phase AC 60 Hz
          • 0.25Kw
          • 120V
          • 3,450 RPM
          • Available in stock for $1050