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          Laser Micromachining


          Fast Service

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          Laser Microfabrication

          Free App Analysis


          High Volume Production

          Prototype Parts

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          Micromachining Systems

          Production Ready

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          Contract Manufacturing

           UV, Visible, IR

           Ultrafast Systems

           Giga-Watt Peak Power

        Turn-key Micromachining Systems and Contract Manufacturing Services

        Contact us to discuss your application.


        PhotoMachining Coronavirus Policy

        In response to the current Coronavirus outbreak and published recommendations by Federal and State authorities PhotoMachining is instituting the following policies in order to minimize exposure to our employees and customers.

             1.) PhotoMachining is still open and will remain so until it is mandated by State or Federal authorities to temporarily close.

             2.) PhotoMachining is notifying all scheduled customer visits and lab work that they will be postponed indefinitely until further notice.

             3.) PhotoMachining will not schedule any new visits or lab work until further notice.

             4.) We are accepting deliveries and material for processing and will be shipping completed orders as long as we remain open.

             5.) Any systems orders scheduled for shipment and installation will be postponed until an agreed upon time between the customer and PhotoMachining.

             6.) PhotoMachining personnel will not be traveling on company business during this time, this includes installations, service calls and customer visits. We will be doing remote service calls and troubleshooting during this period.


        Please be safe and follow all recommended precautions in minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus. We look forward to seeing and working with all of customers as soon as it is safe to do so. Thank you for your understanding during this situation.


        The Management Team at PhotoMachining.


        What we Do

        PhotoMachining, Inc. is the world leader in the innovative technology that makes precision laser micromachining of otherwise unmachinable parts and materials a routine job. We proudly bring together the most skillful, experienced and talented people in the industry to design, build and operate our laser systems. We are constantly striving to better serve our customers. Lasers are the most versatile, flexible, precise and powerful tools in manufacturing. PhotoMachining is the leader in supplying high precision laser micromachining services and systems to the medical, aerospace, display, microelectronics and other industries. Speeds of up to several hundred features per second can be achieved using high speed laser drilling techniques coupled with fast, smart software to control the process and a unique diversity of laser sources to tackle almost any material.

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        Why we do it

        We offer solutions based on a modern cutting edge technology meeting both the customer's technical requirements and budget. Our goal is to exceed expectations! Whatever you need: turn-key laser systems for in-house operation custom jobs demanding the highest precision and tolerances on a micron scale precise micromachining or marking of tough, fragile, or exotic materials low or high volume processing of parts long-term contract manufacturing application related R&D Our experts will find the solution that is right for you!

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        View our library of videos on laser micromachining systems and services. >>>

        Laser Micromachining

        Laser Micromachining Videos on the newest publication on laser micromachining.

        Our services

        • Micro Drilling
        • Micro Milling
        • Thin Film Patterning
        • Polymers
        • Metals
        • Semiconductor
        • ns UV DPSS
        • CO2
        • Excimer
        • Ultrafast ps & fs

        You've tried the rest,
        now try the best!

        PhotoMachining Has solved some of the most difficult micromachining projects for our clients.

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